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Group Training

Learning with a small group of colleagues is a great way to get to know fellow staff members as well as sharing knowledge. Participants of a course run in this way can gain a lot from the discussion to be had among people all working for the same business. Not to mention, there'll be other people to ask if you forget things after the course!

We do not charge by the delegate but we do recommend no more than 8 in a group. It is advisable to group staff together with similar levels of experience. Mouse Literate can help assess the current level of staff experience free of charge.

Office 365 Training
One to one Microsoft training

One to One

This effective form of training is perfect when knowledge of specific applications is required in a hurry. The training can be designed to meet immediate needs and is the answer for those who find it difficult to attend scheduled courses. One-to-one training sessions can be arranged to fit into a busy working life, with flexible timings.

With one-to-one training the delegate can spend the course learning exactly what they need to learn, on their own data and at their own pace. A truly effective and targeted training session, so they don’t have to then spend yet more time applying the concepts and putting it into practice.

Upgrade Training

Upgrading to a newer version of Microsoft Office or Microsoft 365? We have a specially designed course that will help you quickly get to grips with the main differences from your earlier version.

Microsoft 365 is a subscription-based cloud service, with the user accessing the applications either on a web browser or from the desktop. The upgraded version can be significantly different and daunting to some users, but it will potentially open up some new ways of working.

Upgrade Training

For your staff to get the most out of your upgrade investment, some of them will need training. We offer short seminar sessions that are ideal for a large number of users, to go through the key new features they need to be aware of when upgrading.

We can also offer more in-depth upgrade training aimed at groups of 6 or 8 delegates. Previous experience of an earlier version of the software is required. The training can be tailored to meet specific areas of interest and take into account their levels of experience.

Microsoft Training
Software Training


Providing help and guidance in applying their new knowledge to their individual work scenarios, can complement the organised group training plan. A trainer can spend short periods of time with individuals working on their specific areas of concern. The staff are encouraged to put their new knowledge into practice, with easy access to help.

Some staff might need help on a specific topic but it is not convenient to attend a group training session. The trainer can visit their desks to answer questions and to encourage and guide the staff implementing their new knowledge. A cost effective way to support staff after their training session.